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Fast-kill all flying & crawling insects like cockroaches, fleas, flies, mosquito

ACTION Aerosol Insecticides Spray

It is powerful and effective to kill cockroaches, fleas, flies and mosquito. Popularly used in houses, hotels, restaurants, offices and cinema halls,  etc.

 We supply  flying and crawling aerosol mosquito insecticide, aerosol insecticide, aerosol insect killer, mosquito killer spray, odorless insecticide, household insecticide, cockroach spray, aerosol spray insecticide, aerosol can pesticide, aerosol pesticide, aerosol can insecticide, aerosol pesticide, etc.

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details    : 12 pcs shrinked x 4 shrink = 48 pcs in a carton  / 1520 carton per 40 HC Container

Delivery Detail          : 2 - 3  Weeks

Quick Details

Feature               :Disposable, Eco-Friend    

Toxic                  :Low

ingredient           : total effective ingredient:0.55%tetr

Type                   : sprayer  

Guarantee time   : 2 years  

certificate            : ISO9001:2008  


1. Active ingredient            : tetramethrin and propellant

2. Volume                         : 200ML/300ML/400ML/450ML/500ML/600ML/750ML

3. Type                             : water base, oil base, alcohol base spray.    

4. Fragrance of perfume     : jasmine, lavender, sandal wood, lemon , lemongrass

5. Powerful and effective to kill mosquitoes, flies

6. Suitable to be used in households, hotels and restaurants, etc

7. OEM is welcome.



Against flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects:

 1) Close doors and windows before spraying;

 2) Hold the can upright and spray for 4-6secs;

3) Keep doors and windows closed for 10-15 minutes and then provide ventilation .

 Against cockroaches, ants and other crawling insects:

 1) Spray hiding places and runways at a distance of 20-30cms or spray directly on to insects.

 2) Do not wash off treated surfaces


1. Not spraying toward human body, pets, food

2. Out of reach of children

3. Not dropping to fire, away from sunshine, heat source as well as inflammable and explosive materials

4. In case of intoxication, bring along a can to consult a professional physician immediately



We also can produce in your brand and free in your capacity requirements, such as 200ml, 300ml, 400ml, 450ml, 500ml, 600ml, 750ml.